Hi everyone! It’s Kevin here.

I’m very excited to be introducing the launch of a new project I’ve been working on: The Bikeport by Kevin Montgomery.

What is The Bikeport?

My family has lived without owning a car in Brampton since 2011. “Bikeport” is what we lovingly call the chasm of space on our driveway where a car might park, but instead houses our bicycles. I’ve been featured in the news and media to advocate for cycling and livable cities. I’m now also a Registered CAN-BIKE Instructor. I want to bring this collective experience to the residents of Brampton.

I built The Bikeport as a way to move beyond encouraging people to cycle, to providing a gateway to do it. I’m building out this line of business in baby-steps. First: This website. The initial goal is to provide Brampton residents with access to a collection of curated, urban-centric bicycles, and the means to learn how to ride them and keep them in good repair.

Depending on how well this project goes, I’d like to open a location in Brampton that will offer everything you see on this website — and more.

I’m still curating items for the Shop Catalogue, but some items are available for browsing. 1-on-1 lessons are available, and the City of Brampton has also organized several group events at a low cost.

Have a bike hidden away somewhere that hasn’t been ridden in a while? Want to get it back on the road? The fine folks at velofix are available to help.

And of course, if you have any questions, you can send correspondence to The Bikeport through this website, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Thanks to everyone for their support. Let me know what you think!

Enter The Bikeport