Level 2: Cycling Basics/Bike Rodeo


The Bike Rodeo is designed to be fun and interactive while learning the fundamentals of cycling. Applicants should be comfortable on a bicycle, can demonstrate skills, and/or has graduated from Level 1: Cycling Fundamentals instruction.

There is no on-road instruction for kids in this level. Depending on the adults’ ability, brief on-road instruction may be applied on quiet residential streets. Bike Rodeo instruction can be taught within large groups like schools, recreation centres, etc.

Max: 3 Participants for Cycling Basics; 15 Participants for Bike Rodeo

Total Time: Up To 4 Hours

  • $60/each
  • Bike Rodeo
  • Minimum 4 Participants; Maximum 15 Participants

Prices are based on courses being taught in Brampton. To inquire about courses outside of Brampton:

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Technical Safety (before getting on bike)

  • Helmet Information and Fit
  • Bicycle Adjustment and Fit
  • Basic Bicycle Inspection- ABC Quick Check



Handling Skills (on bike, including rest break)

  • Straight Line Riding
  • Braking
  • Riding with one hand
  • Shoulder Checks
  • Signals
  • Gearing
  • Bicycle equipment (lights, bells, etc.)
  • Clothing and carrying things
  • Bicycle types and uses
  • Bike parts


Safe and Effective Cycling

  • Crashes and Collisions


Traffic Dynamics

  • Traffic Cycling Principles
  • Where Do You Ride?
  • Maneuverability, Visibility, Predictability, Communication (M.V.P.C.)
  • Riding on Sidewalks


The Bicycle

  • Choosing A Bicycle
  • Types of Bicycle
  • Bicycle Security


Next Steps



  • Questions
  • Debrief
  • Course evaluation


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