Bicycles As Transport: Standard Equipment

This episode of Bicycles As Transport reviews equipment that is required on all bicycles in Ontario under the Highway Traffic Act. (HTA 62, HTA 75)


Front of Bike

These items are required on the front of the bike:

  • White headlight
  • White reflective strips on front forks
  • Bell, horn, or gong on handlebars


Rear of Bike

These items are required on the rear of the bike:

  • Red reflector OR red light
  • Red reflective strips on rear stays (25cm long, 2.5cm wide)


Many bike shops sell their bicycles under a recreational lens. As such, they don’t all sell their bicycles ready for transport use with all the necessary equipment required by law. However, you can find them through The Bikeport.


See All Standard Equipment


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Disclaimer: “Bicycle As Transport” videos are for demonstration purposes to provide general information on lawfully using a bicycle. They are not CAN-BIKE instruction videos, are not comprehensive, nor provides specific advice or any guarantees. You must determine for yourself what your experience, training and competency level is with using a bicycle. The Bikeport by Kevin Montgomery disclaims any liability in connection with the use of this information.

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