Despite my best efforts: Getting my First Aid recertified, getting my bicycle repaired, while at the same time trying to balance my time with working in Papineau Homes, something wonderful has been added to my plate.

I’m going to be a daddy — again!

The Bikeport by Kevin Montgomery is a side business of mine that I manage as best as I can with the time that I have. However, with twins now on the way, I’m forced to make a pivot.

I’m pausing the offering of CAN-BIKE lessons indefinitely.

To locate another CAN-BIKE instructor, please visit the CAN-BIKE Contacts page.

My wife and I need to focus on preparing for the arrival of two new babies and planning a move to Northern Ontario at the end of the year. It could be some time before The Bikeport offers CAN-BIKE lessons again. And, if and when they are offered, it’ll likely be in the vicinity of North Bay, Ontario.

Many have been contacting me, wondering when lessons will be offered again. Up until recently, it was my intent to move forward with them. I regret that this is no longer possible.

My thanks and my apologies to everyone that has been waiting so patiently for better news. I wish you a pleasant summer.

– Kevin