The goal of The Bikeport is to enable people to discover how to incorporate using bicycles into their everyday lives.

The Bikeport website contains access to resources to help you use a bicycle as a transportation tool of choice, primarily focussing on commuting, shopping, and social engagements. The website includes a collection of useful bicycles, education on how to ride comfortably under different circumstances, and access to bicycle repair.

Social Enterprise

Per Investopedia, “Social enterprises seek to maximize profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment.” As of 2019, The Bikeport aims to contribute half of its profit toward initiatives that advance using bicycles as transport in Brampton.

About Kevin Montgomery

Kevin Montgomery is a Brampton resident who spent 10 years living car-free. He has been featured numerous times in the news and media to advocate for cycling and livable cities. Kevin is a Certified User Experience Designer, and applies the principles of usability to instruction, consultation, and advocacy:

“The effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which specified users achieve specified goals in particular environments.”

– Usability – ISO 9241 definition

Kevin is also a Registered CAN-BIKE Instructor and is the lead instructor for The Bikeport.


Cycling Canada’s CAN-BIKE program is a series of progression courses taught on all aspects of cycling, to ride safely, effectively, and enjoyably on the road. Course delivery and administration takes place through CAN-BIKE Delivery Agents, such as independent instructors like The Bikeport.