This 3-hour course covers all the information and fundamental skills that a beginner needs to get on a bike and ride comfortably. Its focus is on basic bike handling skills for people of all ages who have never ridden a bicycle.

Max: 3 participants

Total Time: Up To 3 hours


Instruction Cost

Mandatory Insurance Cost,
Per Participant

Prices are based on courses being taught in Brampton. To inquire about courses outside of Brampton:

Technical Safety (Before Getting On Bike)

  • Helmet Information and Fit
  • Bicycle Adjustment and Fit
  • Basic Bicycle Inspection- ABC Quick Check

Handling Skills (On Bike, Including Rest Break)

  • Coast and balance
  • Pedal and steer
  • Go and Stop
  • Safety equipment (lights, bells, etc.)
  • Clothing and carrying things

Next Steps


  • Questions
  • Debrief
  • Course evaluation