This advanced course is designed for people who have cycling experience and want to increase their knowledge of how to ride through all forms of infrastructure. Formally known as the CAN-BIKE2 course, this is the standard course for adults taking leadership roles within their communities. Police, teachers, tour leaders, recreational workers and others are all being taught this course.

Participants should have completed Level 3: Core Cycling prior to registering for this course, or demonstrated their ability/skills to the instructor on the first day of class. An online requirement must be completed ahead of time and presented to the instructor. This course is also the prerequisite to the Level 5: Instructor Training course. Participants must inform the instructor of their intent on the first day, and will then be required to complete and pass both the written and practical tests at the end of Level 4, to be recommended to Level 5.

Instruction Cost$1,230
Mandatory Insurance Cost,
Per Participant

Max: 6 Participants

When completing the online component, please check the box that reads “I would like a Certificate of Completion”.

Total Time: 12 Hours (can be split into multiple sessions)

Prices are based on courses being taught in Brampton. To inquire about courses outside of Brampton:

Technical Safety (Before Getting On Bike)

  • Helmet Information and Fit or Bicycle Helmet
  • Bicycle Adjustment and Fit
  • Basic Bicycle Inspection- ABC Quick Check

Safe and Effective Cycling

  • Crashes and Collisions (review)

Advanced Traffic Dynamics (Review and On Road)

  • Traffic Cycling Principles
  • Where Do You Ride?
  • Traffic Dynamics- MVPC
  • Advanced Traffic Dynamics
  • Lane Width and Positioning
  • Parked Cars
  • Intersections and Positioning
  • Destination Positioning
  • Right Turn Only Lanes
  • Turning Left as a Vehicle
  • Lane Changes
  • Railway and Streetcar Tracks
  • School Buses/Trucks
  • Bike Lanes
  • Left Turns on Arterial Roads
  • Merges and Diverges
  • Bike safety equipment (lights, bells, etc.)
  • Clothing and carrying things
  • Bike types and uses
  • Bike parts

The Bicycle (Advanced)

  • Choosing A Bicycle (review)
  • Types of Bicycle (review)
  • Bicycle Security (review)
  • On-Road Toolkit

Next Steps

  • Practice tips


  • Questions
  • Debrief
  • Course evaluation