CAN-BIKE lessons will return in 2022! Practical on-bike lessons will be delivered using all necessary COVID precautions including contact-less delivery, physical distancing, and sanitizing. In-class lessons will be delivered online using Zoom and digital materials.

1-on-1 cycling instruction in the City of Brampton is available through The Bikeport, taught by Kevin Montgomery, a certified CAN-BIKE instructor. Instruction will have a strong focus on urban cycling transportation purposes, such as commuting, and shopping, and taking kids to school.

What is CAN-BIKE

CAN-BIKE is a nationally-recognized cycling education program. Introduced in 1985 by the Canadian Cycling Association, CAN-BIKE has designed a series of cycling courses for youth and adults, as well as specialized instructor training. CAN-BIKE programs operate in cities across Canada, from large metropolitan centres like Toronto and Vancouver, smaller communities like Thunder Bay.

CAN-BIKE’s values include manoeuvrability, predictability, visibility and communication.

Online References: The Basics

Not quite ready yet to commit to lessons? No problem.

There are many online resources available to demonstrate the basics of handling a bicycle on shared vehicle, recreation and cycling-exclusive infrastructure.