Brampton Trails Code of Conduct

Everyone using public parks and trails is responsible for maintaining a safe and friendly atmosphere for all. Pedestrians always have right of way. Travel on the right side of the trails and watch for oncoming traffic.

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Brampton Bicycle Related Regulations

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  • Bicycles with wheels more than fifty (50) centimetres (20 inches) in diameter cannot be ridden on any sidewalk except, unless the sidewalk is designated as a multi-use path.
  • Bicycles cannot be ridden within parkland, except on portions of road or bicycle paths commonly intended for the public use.
  • Bicycles cannot exceed a speed of 8 kilometres per hour (5 miles per hour) within the parkland.
  • Where there is frequent pedestrian usage, cyclists must dismount and walk their bicycles for public safety.
  • Everyone on a bicycle must keep their feet on their pedals, and both hands on their handlebars, except for the purpose of signaling.
  • Carrying articles by hand is prohibited.
  • Bicycles must be ridden on the road in single file.
  • Bicycles must be ridden as near to the right-hand side of the roadway as practicable.
  • Park bicycles in a manner that causes the least possible obstruction to pedestrian or vehicular traffic.


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