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The Bikeport provides useful information and service, even when CAN-BIKE lessons are not being offered through the winter. Examples of this are automated weather alerts on The Bikeport Twitter profile that remind people of where they can obtain lighting complements, or regular maintenance, for their bicycles.

Also on Twitter, The Bikeport profile regularly Retweets examples of places around Canada and the world where bicycles are being used as a common transportation tool to enhance people’s quality of life.


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The Bikeport was a data partner in the BikeBrampton EcoAction program, leveraging data Powered by Strava. The success of this program will lead to new programs and applications offered by the Bikeport in the future.

The EcoAction Challenge encouraged people to ride a bike to destinations in their neighbourhood. Shop, dine, errands, commute — all by bike. To be active with your family year-round, meet new friends, become healthier, help reduce traffic congestion and reduce your carbon footprint.


  • 95,000 km cycled by participants
  • 30,000 kg of carbon avoided
  • average of 60 participants / month

The Big Ask

On Wednesday, January 30, 2019, Brampton Council carried a motion to establish a $1.875 Million Project Budget to be utilized to begin implementing an active transportation plan with North-South and East-West cycling routes, with the Council Member appointed to the Cycling Advisory Committee (Councillor Santos), and the Mayor in coordination with city staff, report back to Council by April 1, 2019, on a potential implementation plan. The Bikeport was one of the cycling community organizations, innovators, and programs that was asked to help provide recommendations on a strategy.


Total Revenue: $1,303.95
Approximate Donation Value: $130.40

More details on how the approximate donation value above will be used should be available in April. Stay tuned!