Busch + Müller IQ-X LED Headlight black

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Product Description

IQ-X by Busch + Müller: High End meets design! The IQ-X by Busch + Müller. Its newly developed optical technology makes it possible for the first time, with dynamo headlights to crack the 100-lux brand – with a very broad, wide and homogeneous large-area illumination of the road. Joined to high-end technology, the IQ-X also Design The housing, which also serves as a cooling system consists of high-quality aluminum. Hell to the side radiating slots in the holder ring set visibility accents, while the ergonomic control button is embedded in a blue glowing ring. The standard safety equipment Sensor-controlled daytime running lights, parking lights and a flexible multi-joint headlight bracket with integrated cable channel, which also makes overhead installation possible. Product Features 100 Lux Large surface light field with close-range illumination Sensor-controlled daytime running lights with lateral radiation Sidelights Screw-front reflector Flexible multi-joint headlight bracket With German certification mark In preparation: Version for direct voltage supply Casing: Aluminum Color black