Put Your Bike To Work For #BikeMonth

For many, Bike To Work Day won’t be quite as meaningful as before the pandemic, back in 2019. However, there are still essential trips to be done. For this reason, during #BikeMonth 2021, The Bikeport wants to see how you put your “bike to work” by using #BicyclesAsTransport for your essential trips — and especially getting your vaccine!

Want to participate? All you need to do for the duration of #BikeMonth is post a photo of how you put your bike to work, and The Bikeport will re-share as many possible! Remember to use the hashtag #BicyclesAsTransport, and include @thebikeport when posting it to either Twitter or Instagram.

Please remember to follow all public health guidelines. Happy Bike Month!

Bike Month Commute Tips

Bike Month is well underway in Brampton, and across Ontario. It’s not too late to get in on the fun! If you’re already familiar with how to ride a bicycle, The Bikeport offers some tips to help you use your bicycle as a commuting tool with online resources available to show the basics of handling a bicycle on shared vehicle, recreation, and cycling-exclusive infrastructure.


Bike Maintenance Checklist

Is your bike rattling, squeaking, or feel tougher to move than it should? Check out this Maintenance Checklist before starting your ride.

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Bike Handling Skills

Before deciding to ride in mixed traffic, you should assess how comfortable you are with your bike handling.

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Traffic Skills

Feel like you’re rocking the bike handling? Awesome! Here are some basics that you’ll need to know about leaving room to maneuver, being visible and predictable, and how to communicate with other road users.

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Ontario Highway Traffic Act

A bicycle is a defined vehicle type under Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act. There are behaviours expected of people riding bicycles, just as of people driving cars.

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Brampton Trails Code of Conduct, and Regulations

The City of Brampton has some more bylaws and conduct of behaviour people are expected to know when cycling.

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If you’re considering more in-depth instruction, get in touch with The Bikeport to ask about CAN-BIKE lessons.


Starting This Weekend: Bike Courses!

Starting this weekend, Brampton Parks and Recreation is offering bike courses about proper bike fit, safety equipment, street signs, signaling, stopping and how to ride a bicycle. The Bikeport’s own Kevin Montgomery will be one of the instructors giving lessons this weekend at Chinguacousy Park.

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1-on-1 Also Available

1-on-1, and small group CAN-BIKE training is available through The Bikeport. As Bike Month is fast approaching. Why not take a Commuter Cycling Course and make this the year you start taking your bike to work, or to the train station?

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