Bicycles As Transport: Carrying Things

This episode of Bicycles As Transport discusses carrying things.



Bicycles can transport people and their things. The City of Brampton, like many other municipalities, has a bylaw that requires bicycle riders to keep both hands on their handlebars — except for signalling. Equipping a bicycle to transport things allows the rider to comfortably maintain control and predictability.

Front Racks

Front racks can allow riders to carry an assortment of items, including unbagged items shopping bags. But, you’ll want to make sure those items are secured to the rack. This prevents them from shuffling, settling or falling, which could cause an interruption to your trip.

Consideration of weight capacity is also important. Different front racks can accommodate various amounts of weight. One should also consider how much weight they are comfortable carrying on the front of the bike, while still being able to manoeuvre.

Rear Racks

Rear racks can allow riders to carry heavier items and accommodate attachments such as pannier bags. It’s important to remember that while rear racks might be able to take a fair amount weight, the pannier bag you’ve attached might not.

Bonus: Cargo Bikes

Not shown in the video, cargo bikes are designed to move much larger and heavier objects than a standard bicycle. Many models have a weight capacity that’s heavier than many people would be comfortable trying to ride with. In these instances, many models of cargo bikes come with e-assist if you feel like you could use the help.

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