The Bikeport offers CAN-BIKE courses for cycling education, like learning how to fit your bicycle and riding in different scenarios. Check out the available training programs, and click on a course you’d like to see more information about!

Level 1 – Fundamentals of Cycling

This course will focus on basic bike handling skills, for all ages and who have never ridden a bicycle. This course will cover all the information and fundamental skills needed to get on the bike and ride comfortably.

Level 2 – Cycling Basics/Bike Rodeo

This course is for people who are comfortable on a bicycle, have learned and demonstrated the basic skills from Level 1 instruction. The Bike Rodeo is designed to be fun and interactive while learning the fundamentals of cycling.

Level 3 – Core Cycling Skills

This course is designed for children of the general age (9-14) who are required to ride on the road, and/or adults who would like to learn traffic handling skills and the rules of the road. At the end of the course, students should feel comfortable riding on residential and some urban streets. The course will be conducted online and on the bicycle.

Students should have completed Level 2 or be able to demonstrate their ability/skills to the instructor on the first day of class.

Commuter Cycling Skills

This course is for individuals who have completed Level 2 or can demonstrate their ability/skills to the instructor at the beginning of class. Students should be comfortable on a bicycle, but have the desire to further development their skills and road safety understanding. The course will review equipment and safety needs, with a practical focus on riding safely and effectively throughout local infrastructure.

Level 4 – Advanced Cycling Skills

This advanced course is designed for cyclists who have some experience and want to increase their abilities and their knowledge of how to ride effectively through all forms of infrastructure. Formally known as the CB2 course, this is also the standard course for adult cyclists taking leadership roles within their communities. Police, teachers, tour leaders, recreational workers and others are all being taught this course to learn and practice safe and effective cycling.

Students should have completed Level 3 prior to registering for this course, or demonstrated their ability/skills to the instructor on the first day of class. This course is also the prerequisite to the Level 5-Instructor Training course.