Get Ready For Spring!

Spring is here!

Whether you ride year-round or are just getting to taking your bike out for the year, here is a small list of things to check as warmer weather and more sunshine approaches.

Check your bell.

By law, bicycles need to have a working bell, horn, or gong. If your’s isn’t up to par, check out the selection of bells available through The Bikeport.

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Check your lights.

While the sun will start staying out longer, the warmer weather might keep you out riding after sunset. Make sure you have working lights.

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    BRIGHTEST Bike Light ASSAULT 320 Lumens 4 Mode USB Waterproof Rechargeable LED Bicycle Light

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    Busch + Müller IXON Fyre + IXXI LED Light Set

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    Busch + Müller IXON Fyre LED Spotlight (without USB Power Adapter)

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Get tuned up.

If your ride making noises it shouldn’t or otherwise isn’t working as it should be, reach out to velofix to have them take a look at it!

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